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What Is A Colostomy?

A colostomy is a surgical procedure wherein an artificial opening is made by a surgeon in the abdominal wall. This opening is done to create a stoma which is a place where waste material of the body is accumulated and then eliminated. Instead of passing through the anus, the body waste proceeds to the stoma. On the stoma will be a pouch where the waste collects and this needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

What is a Colostomy?

The colostomy can be placed in a location dependent on the condition of the patient. A person with rectal cancer, for example, can have the colostomy done perhaps just right next to where the anus is located. A patient with colon cancer, on the other hand, may have the colostomy placed right near the healthy part of the colon which then is connected to the stoma.

Colostomy is usually performed on cancer patients. It can also be performed on a child with a birth defect like a colon not reaching his rectum which can cause problems in the digestive process. A colostomy can either be a permanent or temporary process. The latter can be true if the patient has no cancer.

In essence the stoma performs the function of the anus in a colostomy. The only difference is that the anus has a functioning valve that enables it to control good bowel movements.


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